“I would like to hear your harp music playing as the soundtrack of my life”
–  A devotee at the Canton Public Library

“Thank you for playing your Celtic Harp at the Celtic Consciousness Conference with John Philip Newell. Pure grace.” – Sr. Ann McGovern, Mercy by the Sea, Madison CT

“Marcie is one of the most dynamic people I know.  But she is subtle and soothing at the same time, which is not an easy thing  to do.  I know you are going to love being here with her!” – Susan Bullock, Head Librarian, Simsbury Library

“Your presentations were warm, lively and interesting and very personal—everyone felt as if you were talking directly to him or her.  You came across as both an expert and a friend, which is hard to do; you engaged the audience right away.  It wasn’t just a musical experience; it is your warmth, your connection that makes us feel happy and relaxed.  The meditation part was serene and calming, very much like yoga.  I can see how this helps patients in hospice or various treatments.  We all liked to look at you, too!   You were graceful and flowing in your bright colors and overall appearance!  Finally, the music was WONDERFUL!  Everyone left in a glow.  You will be MUCH in demand around here.”
– Jane C. Shipp, Former Headmistress of Renbrook School, W. Hartford, CT

“Your program was amazing.  All of us were transported by your music, your soothing voice, and your personality!  Thank you so much.” – Carol. T. , pianist and opera singer, Simsbury, CT

“Thank you for a wonderful, peace-filled session with you and your harps.  You have a true gift, with your music and your soothing stories and voice.” – S.G.  N.B.  I am the one with M.S.

“It is rare to have over 100 people sign up for our programs the way they did for yours….we sold out quickly.  People are hungry for something meaningful in their lives, something soothing and real.” – Librarian, Oliver Wolcott Library, Litchfield, CT.  

Marcie is available for individual therapy to address anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain and inattentiveness in Simsbury, and may be contacted at 860-670-0452 or Email Marcie Swift.