The Magic and Allure of the Celtic Harp

head shot harpThe Magic and Allure of the Celtic Harp: Early History and

The sound of the plucked string of the harp has enchanted and transformed people for
thousands of years. Certified music practitioner, psychologist and researcher Marcie Swift, M.Ed. CMP NCSP has explored the role of the harp as a mystic ladder that unites this world with the next. This ancient instrument, cherished as a gift from the gods, has been used for transformation and transition throughout the world. The timeless magic, power, and allure of the harp will be described in this inspirational program. Come hear the history of this mystical instrument; which began with the Phoenicians, en route to what is now Ireland, and later spread to the United States. Marcie will discuss early American harpists in the 1800’s, leading up to the fascinating Harpo Marx. Audience members will experience first hand the soothing tones of the harp, when Marcie plays a wide range of beautiful music, paired with her own improvisations and story-telling. Marcie will bring several of her Celtic harps, including her Reverie harp, which each member of the audience may play to experience its wonderful healing vibrations.

Marcie Swift, M.Ed. NCSP CMP is a nationally certified school psychologist, certified
music practitioner of the harp, and board certified diplomate in behavioral health through
the American Association of Integrative Medicine. She provides therapeutic harp music
for chemo patients during treatments, and runs support groups for cancer patients, using
harp therapy and relaxation therapy at several hospitals.  Her recently released
CD, Thread of Life can be purchased by contacting her at 860-670-0452 or Email Marcie Swift.